Thank you for reading and attempting to parcel out these gray areas too.

The writers, creators, etc. have not crafted an official statement about this episode or any of the other problematic content that they’ve inserted into the series, podcast aside where (some) of the issues I’ve discussed have been delved into by some of the series writers.

The beauty of this series seemed to be its dismantling of tropes and expectations but by having some of these ‘reality’ issues come to fruition in this science-fiction program was genuinely shocking…it really left a lot of the viewers (myself included) feeling cold/numb/and a myriad of emotions.

I do not know the writers of this series personally or professionally, so I cannot profess to know what was on their minds or hearts, but media literacy (for writers and critics) is so so essential that some of the elements of the series could be chalked up to period-typical phobias but some of these issues in the series are some they’ve inserted or not had the expertise to write.

Thank you again for reading (and unpacking this).

Editor: We Are Horror Magazine. Writer: An Injustice, Fanfare, Gayly Dreadful, Haw Creek Horror, Rely on Horror, Something Ghoulish, and SUPERJUMP.

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