Thank you for reading+engaging with my piece. I’m a media/pop culture critic and fledgeling historian so I write about any/everything that has a ripple effect into culture, history, etc. All of the media that we watch has connections to something and it’s a process to unpack.

Some things from the book were completely changed or inserted like the Yahima character and Hiram Epstein and that’s where some points of contention arose within the community watching the show. There’s a delicate balance when adaptating things from book to screen, especially things that weren’t originally there.

There’s not a concerted effort to deride the show just because…people (myself included have really really loved it) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of criticism. We can love and critique something equally with no hatred or animosity sent towards each other or the creators of something.

(Good/healthy) critiques help the media we love become better and better. There wouldn’t even be a Lovecraft Country in the first place if these critiques or discourse didn’t exist about the intersections of Black life, horror, science fiction, etc. which are great stories.

Writing by itself is not easy. I cannot even imagine how difficult writing for a larger medium can be and then trying to produce your intent visually, especially with care and sensitivity. It’s a tightrope.

Editor: We Are Horror Magazine. Writer: An Injustice, Fanfare, Gayly Dreadful, Haw Creek Horror, Rely on Horror, Something Ghoulish, and SUPERJUMP.

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